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Shelby & Cam Part One | Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

Shelby & Cam are one of my favorite couples I have worked with ever. Shelby has this radiant smile and sincerity that compels you to love her and Cam is charming and I loved watching how sweet he is with Shelby. We photographed Shelby in her wedding and luncheon dresses and I adore both! Floral & Design by the oh.so.talented Laura of Lemon Blossom Designs. Check back tomorrow for Part two of this delicious session.

1 Shelby & Cam Formals 006_stompWEB.jpg
2 Shelby & Cam Formals 005_stompWEB.jpg
3 Shelby & Cam Formals 008_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 009_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 013_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 016_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 019_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 021_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 026_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 032_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 035_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 037_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 039_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 041_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 043_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 047_stompWEB.jpg
Shelby & Cam Formals 049_stompWEB.jpg

July 15, 2013 - 10:43 pm

Jenna & Mason | Sneak Peak » Jaclyn Davis Photography - [...] Love this couple!  Jenna is the sister of one of my other favorite brides Shelby.  Check out Shelby & Cam’s formals from last year HERE. [...]

Haley & Brett Engagements Part Two

When Haley changed into this gorgeous dress from Urban Outfitters I about died. I couldn’t have styled her better. We talked about styling before the session and she “pretended” to be nervous about getting outfits together for them. What a tease! :) Haley you totally pulled it off and “Part Two” of your session is one of my favorites to date.
Hayley & Brett Engagements 31_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 32_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 33_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 36_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 34_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 37_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 44_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 49_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 54_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 56_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 59_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 71_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 68_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 70_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 61_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 30_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 72_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 73_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 74_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 84_stompWEB.jpg

2013 and back to blogging | Haley & Brett Engagements Part One

2012 was crazy busy with all sorts of crazy.  I was still trying to figure out how to have two kids instead of one.  Then we looked and looked for a job for the Mr. and nothing came until right before my busiest month (11 weddings in one month… never scheduling that again!) and I was packing… alone for that same month. It was. crazy.  I had so many great clients that I haven’t been able to blog about because a girl’s gotta sleep! Thankfully 2013 isn’t looking quite as hectic so you get to see all the things I have been doing since I disappeared from the interwebs.

Haley & Brett were one of my favs. Haley is crazy gorgeous and super laid back and Brett is so sweet and is such a great guy. My favorite part of their session will show up tomorrow on the blog and I ADORE it so come back to check it out.
Hayley & Brett Engagements 01_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 02_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 03_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 04_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 07_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 09_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 11_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 18_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 20_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 21_stompWEB.jpg
Hayley & Brett Engagements 22_stompWEB.jpg

fresh for 2013

I have some brand new things cooking for 2013 including new looks you haven’t see here on the blog.  I’m finally caught up on editing and can now share what I’ve been up to these past 6 months. I have worked with some great clients including one of my fav fall brides shown here: 

Summer Styled Shoot 2012

If you follow my blog you know I am in love with Laura from Lemon Blossom Designs.  She is just crazy talented.  I love working with her because she has a fresh, beautiful and modern approach to weddings that isn’t always found very often in Southeast Idaho.  She came to me with a concept for a Styled Shoot and squeezed her in because I knew it would fabulous and she definately didn’t disappoint!  Thank you to all of the awesome vendors that participated and Paige and Chris for modeling for us… you guys were a perfect fit.  (Paige & Chris also own The Nayborhood in town which you must check out.)

Floral, decor, hairpiece and concept:  Lemon Blossom Designs.  / Hair and Makeup:  The Twisted Crown   /Dress supplied by:  Treasure’s Bridal

July 2, 2012 - 8:17 pm

brandi - Amazing as always!

February 28, 2013 - 6:40 am

Katie - I love this shoot! You did such an amazing job!